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SMS (short messing service) is the tidal wave technology that has swamped Europe and is crashing onto the American shores. There are millions of SMS users already, despite the fact that SMS began life as a telecom R&D afterthought. But don’t get too used to the ten cent a message texting service, because just as fast as we’ve learned to write in English on a keyboard with only 12 keys, the high-tech community in Europe and Asia have changed the rules of the game.

If you are smitten with scores being sent to your phone at the end of the match, or infatuated with a play-by-play for-pay SMS services, you’ll be head over heals for the new MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). With MMS you won’t just know when the touchdowns happen, you’ll be able to watch the video instant-replay from your handset. MMS can send audio, video, pictures and text too, right to your phone handset through the magic of cellular.

MMS is on limited roll-out at the moment, so don’t expect you carrier to have it just yet. And to download the video of your favorite teams you will need to be on a network that supports GPRS data transfer. But none-the-less, the reality of streaming video on you handset is right around the corner and the service is in fact already incorporated into select handsets including the Ericsson T68i (big brother of the T68 we reviewed in our May/June issue).

Can you get enhanced mobile gambling services with MMS? Not yet, but there is research underway by interactive casinos looking to tap into the huge market of mobile telephone users that will incorporate the new advanced messaging protocol. Imagine placing a bet with your phone keypad, having it received by a real-person dealer, who then sends a MMS video of the hand as it was dealt –straight back to your phone.

It will happen, and MMS is the m-gaming breakthrough casinos have been looking for. Is it as good as full-screen real-time betting? Maybe not, but its far better than looking at WAP’s stick-figure cards on a green-backlit LCD screen, and phones fit in your pocket much more easily than PCs. It’s MMS technology that will make high-definition mobile casino gambling a reality.
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