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RTG pushes the “One stop shop”

Most players these days have accounts at more than one online casino – one might have a great variety of slots, one might have a rare poker variation unavailable elsewhere, another might offer better odds on one particular game. So it makes sense to shop around. But managing all those different passwords and accounts can be a real pain. Hence the growth of multi-casino games. It’s a trend that software provider RealTime Gaming (RTG) is hoping to cash in on, with version 2.0 of their software offering cross-casino games and multi-casino banking facilities.

It’s true that this has been done before to an extent – the success of Microgaming’s multi-casino progressive jackpots such as Major Millions attests to this. But RTG reckon they’re onto a winner by offering a variety of cross-casino games and banking options to compete with any in the business.

Up to now, players looking for a one-stop shop haven’t had many options, so RTG’s latest release could win such players over – and, RTG hope, more casino licensees.

Version 2.0 of RTG’s software takes steps to make this “centralized gaming” vision a reality. “We want to give the players as many choices as they want when it comes to games, but we also want to make their account management as simple as possible,” says Michael Staw, President of RealTime Gaming.

But selection and centralization aren’t just about keeping existing players happy – RTG is aiming to attract new and different players to the world of online gaming.

“We’d like to think of it as an amusement park,” explains Staw. “We wanted to make a platform that had something for everyone to enjoy. With the new Poker game – and especially the new Bingo game – we’re attracting players that never would have come to an online casino.”

Currently, RTG has Caribbean Stud and Let Em Ride cross-casino poker progressives, and have recently released five variations of blackjack.

In early November participating casinos started offering cross-casino Bingo, while in December cross-casino progressive version of Texas Hold Em and a new patent applied for slot game, Good to Be Bad, entered the market. At a time where innovation is at a premium, Good to be Bad could be a real winner – paradoxically, by catering to players on a losing streak.

Without completely giving the game away, Good to be Bad has a Loss Meter and a Free Spin Meter. Each loss increments the Loss Meter by one. Each time the player scores a Win, the Loss Meter and the Free Spin Meter are reset.

The player wins guaranteed free spins at certain thresholds. For example, four losses in a row will set the Free Spin Meter to 1 guaranteed spin. 16 losses in a row give the player 200 free spins, and 20 losses in a row gives the player 1000 free spins.

To win the progressive jackpot, the player must try to get 21 losses in a row. The progressive for the $1 machine is going to start around $100,000.

The bingo game looks like another winner - if ever there was a game to that’s a natural for cross-casino gaming, it’s bingo. Michael Hurwitz, manager at agrees: “We know there are thousands of avid poker and bingo players online right now, and with this new platform, we have an attractive offering to get them in the door. Where they go from there is up to them.” Hurwitz says.

RTG already powers over 40 online casinos, including Windows Casino, Magic Oasis and Crown Vegas Casino. Around 90% of their licensees already participate in the cross-casino progressives, and if the idea of a one-stop shop grows in popularity, expect many more casinos to jump on the RTG bandwagon.
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