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Asian Odds

Asian odds handicap betting is one of the fastest growing forms of soccer betting online, so how does it match up to traditional fixed odds betting in terms of value for money for gamblers?

In fixed odds betting there are three possible results to consider, home win, away win, and the draw. So immediately we can see the attraction in asian handicaps where for betting purposes we are looking at a two-result event, and a level match score after the application of the handicap will see stakes returned.

This of course only happens with full ball handicaps, plus or minus 1, or with level ball handicaps :0 – When a game has either team with a half or quarter ball handicap one side will run out winners after the handicap is applied to the match score, thereby taking a drawn result out of the equation entirely.

This is the essence and main attraction of asian handicap betting as opposed to fixed odds. When we consider that around 30% of all soccer matches will end in a draw it makes sense to remove this option as a definite losing one when making a bet, and try to take advantage of the probability with the application of a plus or minus handicap to the final match score.

We only have to look at the bookmakers themselves to understand which form of betting is most likely to produce long-term profits for gamblers. Several of the world’s biggest bookmakers have been very slow to bring online their asian odds offers, and despite their protests to the contrary there is a simple explanation. They know they will have more difficulty beating educated gamblers over the long haul when there are only two results to consider instead of three as in fixed odds.

One major UK-based bookmaker discovered this to their cost during Euro2000 when they were hammered to the tune of several millions by clever asian odds gamblers, and successful gamblers often find their staking levels curtailed by their bookmakers.

There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of asian handicap betting, one of which is centred in the psyche of gamblers themselves. Many complex theories have been published over the years, but here’s a simpler way of explaining the phenomenon.

A soccer match starts as a draw. The teams take to the field of play with scores level at 0-0. A gambler is faced with the problem of assessing which of the teams has the skill and talent to break this deadlock, and backs his judgement with some hard-earned cash as a bet on the outcome.

The key here is betting on a positive result from either side. Of course many bets are taken on a draw, but the vast majority of gamblers will bet on either the home or away team actually winning the game, and this is because most people prefer betting on a positive outcome which can either be a victory or defeat for a team, rather than a draw which is subconsciously thought of as a non-event.

This subconscious thinking is a potent and powerful force that often plays to the advantage of bookmakers as many games will obviously end in a drawn score. In asian handicap betting this is largely negated when the handicap is applied to give a positive result for betting purposes in a game where the match score ends level.

There are however many myths and mistaken ideas surrounding asian handicap betting, the biggest of which seems to be the idea that a moving and fluctuating odds-line somehow reflects the bookmakers opinion as to the likely result of any match. This is completely wrong and should be totally dismissed.

Once the initial betting offers for any soccer match have been set by a bookmaker, it is weight of money that moves those odds lines and very little else. Remember that a bookmakers’ ideal situation is to take a middle ground and hopefully attract betting stakes proportionately so that no matter the actual result of a game he will make a profit.

When a betting line moves seemingly in favour of one team, or the handicap is adjusted, this is not the bookmaker stating his opinion. But is merely simple accounting to compensate for the flow of betting stakes from his gambling customers. The truth of the matter is that a moving line reflects the general betting public’s opinion as they make their bets rather than the bookmaker’s thoughts.

As with any form of betting it is advisable to study proven techniques and learn as much as possible before parting with a single dollar. There are many astute and successful bettors who are often more than willing to share their experiences and it would be foolish to ignore the advice they have to offer. Staking methods, money management, and accurate record-keeping all have an important part to play for anyone who has ambitions to rise above the crowd and turn themselves into a successful gambler.
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