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Offshore Sportsbooks Get the Money!

Where we’ve come from and Where we are now.

The legendary Bob Martin didn’t invent Sports Betting; he just took it to the next level. Similarly, the Offshore and European Sportsbooks have moved to the forefront of legalized sports wagering, not by reinventing an industry: just by making it better.

When Bob Martin opened shop at the Union Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas back in 1972, he “glamorized” sports betting. He even had his own television show on Sunday nights where he opened the NFL numbers to two opposing professional Sports ‘cappers. The winner would move on to the following week after, of course, after collecting his winnings.

Actually, Martin moved to Vegas in 1967 where he became the official odds maker for the Churchill Downs Race and Sportsbook. It was when he moved to the Union Plaza that sports betting “came out of the closet.” Newspapers began running the “Official Las Vegas Line” (from the Union Plaza) and sports bettors from around the world would treat Martin’s book like a “must-see” attraction when visiting Las Vegas. The “stand alone” sports book took in all the action as the Las Vegas Strip Hotels had zero interest.

Eventually, the Stardust saw the light and followed suit, but in the meantime the stand alones flourished. The Del Mar Race and Sportsbook, owned and operated by Bill Dark, originated Totals (over/under) betting. Through competition, such wagers as halftimes on Nationally televised games, first half wagers, baseball’s 1 ½ run propositions and the like gained popularity throughout the sports wagering community. In fact, the competition between the various sportsbooks, especially the lavish books in the Strip Hotels began offering higher payouts, half points and ties win Parlay Cards.

But that was then and things have certainly changed since. Instead of legalizing and regulating sports wagering and collecting their fair share in taxes, the U.S. Government is again looking to ban wagering on College sports. Eventually, they’ll wake up and legalize sports wagering, but until then, the action has moved offshore and into Europe. All this couldn’t be worse timing for the taxman as secondary sports, such as NASCAR and Golf, have become the fastest growing betting items on the board.

So what’s happening at the legalized sportsbooks both offshore and in Europe? How about larger limits than Las Vegas! Perhaps you want to lay down a soccer bet, forget Vegas, but European books offer the most up to date lines and the most competitive odds. At a site like punters can lay a bet on just about every Soccer League in the world. Turning our attention offshore, Spiro at the Olympic Sportsbook even offers lines and totals on Euro League Basketball. Lenny at Cascade Sportsbook puts up totals on ALL US College Football games, and Cascade lets you wager on totals on each College Basketball game, every day. Mac at CRIS Sports was the first to put up halftime wagering on EVERY Football and Basketball game. Frank at WWTS lets you wager on games “in progress” and even takes bets on who’s going to win the “Survivor Series.”

Don’t look to Vegas if you want 30-40 matchups bets on every Golf Tournament and every NASCAR event, it’s only available offshore and in Euro books. Got the itch to bet on any and/or every quarter in the football game, or perhaps you’re after the first 4 ½ or 5 innings of a baseball game? Again, you simply look offshore and overseas and you’ll find it.

Sports betting opportunities are nearly endless, if you know where to go to find them you can bet on just about any aspect of the game.
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