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Winner Take All Blackjack

I’m playing to beat the Casino! That’s what most gamers feel like when they pull that slot, throw the dice, or take a hit on blackjack. While enjoying their play, they understand that over the long run the casino has the edge, the vigorish must be paid, and they really don’t have to pay attention to others at the crap table, roulette wheel, or in most cases the blackjack table. Everyone at the table may share the excitement of a win, but the game is a solitary journey.

But recently, poker has changed the “personality” of casino play. Commiserating with others at the table to gain an advantage has added an extra dimension to the gaming experience. Looking for a “tell” from your opponent, or counting the cards down in anticipation of improving your hand brings new elements of skill to the game.

Texas Hold’em has especially captured the gambling market with a fervor that shows no sign of letting up. People’s egos have entered the contest. As in life, skill and cunning are rewarded. Gambling against others has enhanced the casino experience.

Winner Take All Blackjack is the first casino game to cross the line from straight “beat the casino” play to include “win the table” play. Simple in design, its uniqueness becomes apparent very quickly.

While conventional blackjack is considered by many to be an exiting game, all players play against the dealer. Furthermore, there is only one wagering opportunity (not including doubling down, splitting of pairs, etc.) during the course of each deal. Thus, if a player busts early in a hand, he or she has no further interest in that deal and must wait idly while the other players play out their hands.

Winner Take All Blackjack overcomes this dilemma by providing a method of playing the game based on standard blackjack, but played with a twist that involves all of the players at a blackjack table joining in placing additional side bets in an attempt to beat every other player at the table. In Winner Take All Blackjack, tied or “pushed” hands occur when two or more players have the same high number total without busting. A jackpot winner occurs when one player stands alone with the highest total. The casino’s vigorish comes from a 5% take from each jackpot.

Winner Take All Blackjack changes the strategy of blackjack. Basic Strategy players, card-counters, hunch players and ordinary tourists have to decide if it’s more profitable to win their hand, or play to win the jackpot. Those that usually stand on a low total when a dealer shows a 12 through 16 will now be enticed to take a hit, and risk busting, as they attempt to win the jackpot. Added excitement enters into each turn of the card. Busting does not mean losing. Players begin to root for others in hopes of a “pushed” total that will result in another chance at a higher jackpot. Player interaction has gambling value. There is much more pressure to play correctly and the excitement of the game accelerates as jackpots rise.

Winner Take All Blackjack is especially suited for internet play. Calculations can be done instantaneously showing the accumulating jackpot from pushed hands and each player’s total in an easy to understand readable format. Doubling down or splitting pairs requires an additional bet against the casino as well as an additional side bet to win the jackpot. You may win your hand with a natural blackjack, but some one else might draw to a 21, resulting in a “push” for the jackpot and requiring another round of play. A variety of new choices becomes evident to each player and more excitement is involved in the decision making process.

New to the internet, Winner Take All Blackjack is expected to be available online in the near future.
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