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Spam is not for a Lady

Perhaps I am missing the gene that likes football, and maybe my changing a tyre gland is dysfunctional, but what part of a man’s anatomy likes receiving an inbox full of 100+ unwanted, unsolicited junkmails for everything from debt consolidation to free casino bonuses at sites they have never even heard of none the less gave my email address to? Whatever part of the body that craves spam is certainly not part of thisw woman’s curvaceous figure.

More than spam being an annoyance and a waist of time, it is a camouflage that gets important emails accidentally deleted. I have missed dozens of work-related and personal emails because in my uphill battle to clear my inbox of spam I’ve accidentally pushed the minority of “real” emails into the junk folder and then eventually into the recycle bin. I’ve missed proposals, deadlines, dates, parties, you name it, all because my email address somehow got on somebody’s spam list.

Once you get on a list like I have you can kiss your spam virginity goodbye forever. I’ve tried everything from using junk mail filters to spam killers, and let me tell you, nothing can stop spammers from getting through.

I’ve also spent umpteen hours unsubscribing from “opt-in” email lists, and personally, I think its made the situation worse. Now the spammers know I’m there and they seem to have redoubled their efforts.

But the real question is ‘how did I get on a spam list?’ I get at least 25 offers from online casinos a day at my office email, yet the email address I use for my casino accounts only gets mail for the casinos I’ve joined; ergo o I know they didn’t sell me to a list. I use my office email address for some online shopping, but I highly doubt that ebay and Amazon are selling my name to spammers. I have never signed up to a porn site, and I don’t post my email on message boards, so the answer remains a mystery. To the best I can figure, my email must have been stripped off the website of the company I work for. I know there are programs that scour websites for email addresses, and I would give 10 to 1 that one of those pesky programs did me in.

So what can you do to minimize spam and maximize the chances of “real” emails finding their way to your inbox? You should have at least one email address that you only give to family and friends. Whatever you do don’t publish that email address on a web site, and don’t use it to sign up at any site that doesn’t have a credible privacy policy. Don’t bother trying to do that with a Hotmail or Yahoo mail account because the spammers will still manage to find you, I’m not sure how, but they do. Look for more obscure sites that offer web-based email and you’ll have much better luck.

You could customize your Outlook spam filter so it only allows people in your address book to make it to your inbox. But be warned, the last time I did that I didn’t have a date for two weeks since the filter also blocked 50 percent of my “real” emails. You could buy software that claims to kill spam forever, but again, you put your “real” email at risk.

Perhaps spam is one of the headaches that comes hand in hand with progress. Maybe spam is a guy thing that women will never fully understand. Whatever the case, and casinos take note, if you want me to play at your site, then include an unsubscribe button in your next spam.

Junk E-Mail Filters for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook® includes a set of built-in filters that identify junk e-mail, such as commercial bulk e-mail and e-mail suspected of having adult content, and enable you to highlight the message or move it to a folder for later review and disposal.

Use the Junk E-Mail feature without missing important e-mail by following a few simple steps:

1. Make sure that the Junk Mail feature has been turned on.

2. On the Tools menu, click Rules Wizard, and then select Exception List.

3. In the Rule description box, click Exception List.

Enter the e-mail addresses you do not want screened by the Outlook Junk E-mail filters. You can also add part of an e-mail address to the exception list. For example, if you add the phrase, no e-mail address containing will be filtered out. Thus, any e-mail sent to you by [email protected], regardless of its subject, would not be flagged as junk e-mail.
Source: Microsoft Website
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