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Finding Mr. Right

Ladies, because the Internet offers such a vast sea of possibilities, it's necessary to hone in and search for what exactly it is that suit your needs. Like hunting a bargain or finding the right boyfriend, it behooves you to choose your venues wisely. If you are looking for a new boyfriend go to a smart cocktail bar or restaurant; when searching for a new online casino, go to a smart, specialist search engine.

I suggest using an gambling-specific engine like Casinosearcher or MadGambler. When visiting, simply click "casinos" then "go" and presto! More than 450 online casino links appear.

Introduced in the late 90s, Casinosearchers' premium choice list is a great place to get started in your quest for the ultimate gaming experience. According to the Casinosearcher staff you will find some of the best casinos on the Web here. You'll also find up-to-date news about Internet casinos, gaming laws and general topics about gambling.

The search engine, another great place to begin your search, will link you directly to any casino that tickles your fancy – online, international, play-for-fun, land-based, or adult. It even links you to game strategy sites that will help you capitalize on your game play. Additionally, if you have an opinion about a particular online casino, voice it here. You can submit your casino site rating based on a scale from 1-10.

When searching with Google, which is not industry-specific to the gaming industry, only pages that include all of your search terms, or keywords, will be returned. Note: there is no need to include "and" or "+" between terms. However, the order in which the words are typed will affect your results. For example, if you're looking for casinos in Curacao that are strictly play-for-fun, keep your search specific: "Casino Curacao." Then you can search these results for more specific details such as "play-for-fun." If you search for play-for-fun, then Curacao, then casino, your results will be all over the park and likely not at all what you're looking for. The best advice -– think logically and choose your keywords carefully.'s home page includes "Online Casino," "Top Online Casinos" and "Slot Machine" links. Choosing "Top Online Casinos" will take you directly to, which will give a great rundown on the good, the bad and everything in between. When you type in Casino+Online (in this case, "+" means "and") with AltaVista, you'll return the following primary links: free casino online, casino online gambling and best casino online – in addition, of course, to the standard list of keyword matches.

Choosing a search method is truly a personal preference. It takes some getting used to, but in the end you'll settle on what works best for you. That said, here are some additional stepping stones you may want to try: Lycos' Gambling Guide,, which has a great "Online Casino" link, and my favourite, the Casino Stalker – "He Takes the Gamble Out of Your Search."

Just like with dating, following the professional “Dear Abby” advice doesn’t mean you’ll make the right decision every time, but if you keep at it and use your wits, you will eventually find your Mr. Right, whether he be someone tall dark and hansom, or a one-armed bandit.
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