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Gambler's Avenue SportsBook

You have known Gambler’s Avenue ( for years. You love the news, the views, the message board and of course the fabulously gorgeous Hawaiian Tropic models that grace its pages. But what the site has always lacked was its own book. Because its no good going to a sports portal if you can’t bet.

No need to fret any longer; the boys at Gambler’s Avenue have heard the cry and have taken top-rated sports betting software from sports gambling experts iNet Software. iNet is the workhorse that silently powers some of the net’s biggest sportsbooks, relentlessly processing bets from March Madness on through to Superbowl Sunday.

True to iNet’s reputation, the new Gambler’s Avenue sports book is an ironclad betting platform that will process your bets as quickly on a rainy Thursday morning as it will the hour before the NBA finals.

But besides being fast technology, Gambler’s Avenue offers a simple, fast and intuitive betting interface too. In fact, Gambler’s Avenue will have you placing your bet before other sportsbooks have signed you in. The uncluttered betting screen offers the full range of betting options from straight bets to parlays and teasers, and you can find a line on almost any match-up in the free world.

Gambler’s Avenues is not another me too sportsbook. It has maintained the style, flair and eye-catching design that has made it a winner thus far. And of course, Gambler’s Avenue wouldn’t be Gambler’s Avenue without having the most beautiful models on the Internet decorating their site. They have taken the position that serious betting doesn’t mean no-fun. They have managed to put the pleasure back into the game by keeping the site’s original easy-as-a-Sunday-morning style. Even the most hardnosed handicapper will agree, whichever way the coin toss lands, Gambler’s Avenue makes you feel good about visiting and positive about bet. And of course, the girls of Hawaiian Tropic always make your visit worth while.
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