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Migrating from Offline to Online Casino

This comes straight form the horse's mouth: moving your land based casino business online is like sitting on cotton candy - it doesn't hurt. So says Sherlan Cabralis, PR and Media spokesperson for Sunny Casinos.

But let's not be facetious. Ms Cabralis is not suggesting that migrating isn't without its unique set of rules, to be ignored at your peril. No self-respecting entrepreneur or executive can pretend any longer that the online business environment isn't as populated with as many ghosts and demons as the conventional world. But if the experience of Sunny Casinos is anything to go by, and given the company's success there's no reason why it shouldn't be taken as a paradigm, migration can be simple and bring rewards that simply aren't possible otherwise.

Because this article deals with the all-important human dimension of migration rather than the technical aspects, it won't hurt to state the obvious: going online broadens your customer base. No, let's rephrase that. Going online magnifies your customer base potentially a millionfold. Thus it magnifies your corporate responsibility accordingly.

This is both a blessing and curse. In the real world you have a personal relationship with a finite group of customers. Online the relationship is no less personal but it becomes, by definition, abstract and diffuse.

However the key to maintaining customer loyalty remains unchanged in either environment. Companies must provide the same, continually high, level of service. So have a wide range of products. Have an exciting agenda. Be daring. Be new. Be adventurous - even visionary. But always offer you customers that much-needed support, both technical and personal. And don't be afraid to be a counsellor if you have to. It pays.

Sunny Group, Sunny Casino's parent company, is a multi-faceted collection of companies offering various products and services worldwide. Sunny Group's casino division, Sunny Casinos, has land based casinos located in the Caribbean and Southern Africa. In 1997 Sunny Casinos launched, followed over the next three years by,, and

With Sunny Casinos became one of the first three bricks and mortar companies to have an online casino presence on the Internet. The Group passed another milestone by being the first land based casino group to offer online gaming to clients worldwide. With this sort of pedigree, it seems only natural to note with respect any insights the Group might offer about the experience of migrating from offline to online gaming.

Because Ms Cabralis can't stress strongly enough the importance her company places on customer satisfaction and that the actions on the part of players should not be overlooked when engaging in online gaming. “Players should check out the company

behind the online casino before committing to play, for starters. Phone numbers and physical addresses should be noted. The casino should state that it's properly licensed by a recognized body. Membership of a reputable gaming organization such the Interactive

Gaming Council should be mentioned. The services of a reputable software provider should be easily identifiable. And last but not least players should be aware of the casino's general reputation.”

The reward of good management is success. Ensuring online customer satisfaction is always a priority, and that is partially what allowed Sunny Casinos to be the first casino group to receive a Kahnawake Gaming Commission permanent gaming license. Together with the Interactive Gaming Council's Seal of Approval, this has helped confirm Sunny's dedication to lead the way forward for responsible gaming. Now the group is poised to launch, the biggest slots casino on the Internet, offering players a choice of over 190 slot machines.

Like Ms Cabralis said: migration is cotton candy. Only never forget the reason you're in business in the first place is your customers.
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