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Video Slots Strategy Guide

Casinos have enough of an edge without you handing them odds. Play Video Slots without knowing the basics, and that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Video Slots are taking over the Web because they actually look like the machines you’d play in a land-based casino – often better. And the games impress with exciting bonus rounds that beat anything a standard Vegas machine can offer in terms of fun and freebies.

Need proof? Check out the latest Video Slots on the Web at InterCasino (, a proven Internet casino with a flawless history of payment and integrity. InterCasino’s exciting array of 11 new games play great and pay great. Each new Video Slot game comes with a custom bonus level filled with hilarious animations, sounds, and of course, chances to win free cash and bonus spins.

Getting Started

In Vegas, machines are often strategically placed next to cashiers to get your attention. These machines often are “loose,” meaning they pay out a little more. Alternatively, machines in a dark corner are often “tight,” because they don’t provide good exposure for winners. Online, there are no “loose” or “tight” machines. Every spin is determined independently by the Random Number Generator at the same odds.

Understanding how percentages work is a good way to budget your bankroll playing Video Slots. The longer you play, the closer you get to those 98% odds posted in the casino (unless you hit a jackpot immediately). As a rule, a game with a 95% payout percentage, over time, will pay out $95 for every $100 it receives.

Of course before you start, you’ll receive a healthy match bonus that doubles your first deposit. Nothing helps beat house odds than playing with free cash.

Know Your Limits

Set a win limit and know how to walk away once you are up on the house. Remember the old saying, “It’s not hard to win in a casino, it’s hard to leave with your winnings”. When you win, you are not playing with the house’s money, you are playing with your money. The machine doesn’t give you back your money when you lose. Why should you?

If you’re not lucky enough to win big, know when to draw the line. Part of the fun of Video Slots is the excitement of hitting a bonus round and enjoying the animations and sounds. If you don’t get much bonus round action, remember, your time will come and stay within your limits.

One great feature of InterCasino’s new Video Slots is that you can play for as little as a penny. See the table above to find the game that fits your budget.

Have Fun

Video Slot commandment: “know thy paytable.” The games move quickly and often sport several lines and spinning symbols at a dizzying rate. If you don’t know what to look for, it’s tough to get excited for each spin. Quickly review the paytable and ensure you know the lucky symbols that trigger the bonus rounds.

And of course, always play Video Slots for fun. Choose a machine based on the type you enjoy playing and not one you are guessing pays the most.

Video Slot Myths

Myth: If you haven’t won in a while, you are “due” to win. Or, if you win a jackpot, you can’t win again. The machine’s Random Number Generator indiscriminately sets the odds and doesn’t care about your past performance.

Fast Facts

Deposit and withdraw at InterCasino with credit cards and web payment options like Firepay and NETeller.

Play the maximum coins. If you win a jackpot on a less than the maximum, you will miss out on a large payday.

Don’t forget to count your comps. InterCasino Video Slots award the highest number of comps in the casino (blackjack the lowest).

If you’re feeling lucky, try InterCasino’s 15 progressive jackpots – including Slots, Video Poker, Video Slots, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker and Keno.

You are awarded the highest win hit on each line, with coinciding wins on different lines added.

When a result is in doubt, consult the pay table.

Look for the Autoplay feature – it can be set to make up to 99 spins automatically.

20,000 Leagues
Dive down under for an Australian-style video slot water adventure. This five-reel machine features a bonus round for hitting the Submarine and 20,000 Leagues symbols. Earn up to 40 free games! And for more excitement, all prizes won during free games are automatically doubled.

Cash Caper
A classic three-line video slot, Cash Caper lets you win up to 12 times your wager every spin. And there’s no need for a pay table – if two halves of a bill match up, you’re in the money. Match two halves of the money bag symbol and choose from a selection of animated safes for a chance to win cash prizes and bonus spins. Play for $1 or 25¢ a line.

Cool Bananas
Go bananas with this classic animated theme slot. Every time you hit the Mighty Monkey and his Banana, you’ll spin for free rounds and free cash. And when you play for free, anything you win is doubled. The animated bonus round takes you through hilarious animations and digital sounds.

Dick Danger
Private eyeball Dick Danger is a nine-line classic video slot. When you find the animated detective, choose six windows from a possible 15 for a chance at tripling your bonus. Play for as little as 10¢ a line.

Eastern Dragon
It’s the intrigue of the Far East in an exciting 20-line video slot. Find two dragons during a spin to receive 15 free games. While playing for free, any prize you hit is automatically tripled. Give Eastern Dragon – this exotic trip only costs one penny per line.

Free Kick
The beautiful game is now a beautiful slot. Only here, a yellow or red card earns you up to 8 free games. And if you win a shot on goal, test your skill against a video keeper for cash prizes. Free Kick is a classic nine-line video slot.

Kanga Cash
There’s cash in the pouch – Kanga Cash. Find the Kangaroo and you’ll win up to 15 free games. When you play for free, everything you win is automatically tripled. This hilarious video slot features bonus prizes that will have you jumping for joy.

Love Bugs
Cuddle up to Love Bugs – a classic nine-line video slot guaranteed to steal your heart. Win every time you find the Love Bug and the Lady Bug together. They trigger an animated bonus round that gives you the chance to triple your cash prizes and win free games.

Magic Carpet
There’s nothing magic about the cash you’ll win in this exciting video slot. In Magic Carpet, hit three or more Magic Carpet symbols to conjure up an animated bonus round that pays real cash and up to 15 free games where your prizes are tripled. And in the bonus round, a prize is guaranteed – making sure your wager doesn’t disappear.

Nothin' But Net
There’s excitement on the hard court with Nothin’ But Net. This classic video slot goes downtown – with 15 free games every time you hit the bonus round. Triple what you win every time you’re in a free game. It also features a great selection of realistic game-time sounds just like being at courtside.

The Oracle
There’s winning in your future with The Oracle – a nine-line slot themed with an animated fortune-teller. Hit a series of crystal balls and win up to 15 bonus games. During bonus games, all prizes are tripled. Play for as little as a nickel a line.
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