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Why Having Multiple Sportsbook Accounts is a Good Idea

The emergence of betting over the Internet, as an alternative to the toll free phone, has given offshore gaming the impetus to fulfill its potential as the dominant mode of sports wagering.

At many offshore books, online business dwarfs the rest of the customer base. But just because making a bet online is as easy as clicking a mouse, it is not a guarantee a punter will derive maximum benefits by betting in cyberspace.

Incidentally, maximum benefits doesn't refer to making a profit. Most of us don't rely on betting proceeds to make mortgage payments, and when we factor in the fun and excitement we get from our activity, negative returns within reasonable parameters are acceptable and doesn't render us a loser.

Nonetheless, we still want to win, or at least reduce the house edge. One way savvy bettors accomplish this is by reaping the benefits of opening accounts at multiple online sportsbooks.

Whether you want the best price on a car, or on the Giants-Eagles game, you need to shop. Getting the best line on a game is difficult if you bet at only one sportsbook.

How many accounts should you have? That is a personal decision, in which you should take into consideration how serious you are, the size of your bets, and how many accounts you can comfortably manage - and afford - since each account requires post up money to fund it.

An often overlooked benefit of multiple accounts is that by spreading funds around, it automatically forces some type of money management on the player. Poor money management is the nemesis of more players than bad handicapping.

When setting up multiple accounts, you will be offered signup incentives and bonuses. That is a perk of betting online. The industry is very competitive and books are aggressive. Consequently, for the time being, it is a bettors' market, so take advantage of it.

But don't be blinded by greed. A book that offers too much of an incentive for your deposit, and violates good business principles, might be unable to pay you off when you win. Anything above a 25 or 30 percent bonus could be risky.

Some books give re-up bonuses, figuring they would rather try to retain an existing customer than spend a lot for new business. Almost everyone offers referral incentives, but check the specifics. Free $25 to $50 two-team or three-team parlays are also available. Whatever is offered, read the fine print to see what is your obligation to be eligible for it.

When seeking additional books, savvy players look beyond the obvious one-time bonus and prefer perks that just keep on giving, such as the following.

Special low-vig or no-vig deals are offered by books during time periods that are not very busy. Others give higher payouts on teasers or parlays. These have more value by far to the player over the long run. During off peak hours, players can get the hook - buy a half point - at no charge.

Another advantage to betting online is finding a book that has limits with which you are comfortable. The range of online minimums varies from $1 to $20. The size of your bankroll should determine the size of your bets.

Another reason to have multiple accounts is that virtually every book has at some time or another been unable to process bets, or was simply inaccessible, to its customers. Hurricanes, power outages, servers that crash, sunspots … these are just some of the causes of bettors not being able to make a play at a book. Multiple accounts virtually assures you of reaching one of your books.

So spread out the places where you have accounts. There are lots of good operations in the Caribbean, Central America as well as Australia and Europe.

Let's revisit the issue of shopping lines. It doesn't do you any good to shop around if all the books you deal with offer essentially the same numbers.

There are different kinds of books, which appeal to different types of bettors. Try to get a stable of books that target a diversity of players.

Books that attract the general public tend to make players pay a premium to bet favorites. Other books, while not catering to wiseguys and sharps, will accommodate their action and thus put up different numbers.

Check sites such as Don Best for a rundown of lines available at different books. You'll see at a glance which shops offer different numbers.

Another area in which books have major variances is in payout procedures. By having multiple accounts, you should never be too far away from your funds.

Futures bets and proposition wagers are an area in which there is much to choose from if you have multiple books. Some offer huge betting menus on major sports. Others specialize in niche sports such as golf or NASCAR.

Checking the betting options at books you are considering opening an account with will help you pick the ones that give you the most bang for your wagering buck.

An easy way to compare the books' different offerings is to print out the offers, then file them under appropriate categories. That way, when you compare what's available, it's manageable and you can compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

I live in Las Vegas, but more than 90 percent of our action is made with our online accounts. They provide value, convenience and timeliness. On an NFL Sunday, you have a much better chance of getting down with an online book than you would have standing in a slow-moving line at a Strip sportsbook.

So, now that you realize the importance of giving yourself multiple sportsbooks to bet with, all you have to do is handicap a winner … but that's another story.
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