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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

With millionaire mania sweeping America and Europe it seems like everywhere you click on the web you’ll find an offer for “get rich here”, “make a million from home”, and “get paid big money to surf online”. But the fact of the matter is that they are usually scams to get someone else rich. Or are they?

The latest craze to hit the web is the free lottery. These sites offer their players a free lottery ticket just for clicking on one of their client’s banners. With million dollar jackpots and major network backing, it is no wonder why the world is visiting these sites in record numbers. One popular lottery, pays a guaranteed $1,000,000 jackpot on its weekly draw.

Is it really free?
It definitely is. A free-lottery will not ask you to pay one red cent to get a ticket. They will allow their registered players to get tickets day in and day out without ever asking for a dime.

How does a free lottery make money?
The idea behind these lotteries is that by forcing players to click a banner before receiving their ticket, they will generate enough money from advertising revenue to justify enormous prize jackpots. With free lottery sites being some of the most popular sites on the web, it looks like it is working.
Advertisers will typically pay anywhere between eight to twenty cents per “click through” for the right to advertise their product on the free-lottery site. And with millions of players visiting these sites each month, the jackpots (which may have winning odds as long as one in sixty million players) are covered comfortably by the advertiser.

What do I have to do to Play?
Anyone is welcome to play at the free lotteries, and as the name states, they are totally free for the player. The only thing the lottery will normally require you to do is register your email address and your personal details. Every now and again a lottery will ask you your consumer preferences, some demographic information or some advertising preferences, but this information need only be given once, and thereafter you’ll be able to access the lottery as a registered user. You should be very weary of any lottery that asks you for your credit card number, as they are likely a scam. As a rule of thumb, only pay-lotteries will ask you for a credit card number.

What is a pay-lottery?
There are lotteries that work just like state and national lotteries, but they exist only in cyberspace. These lotteries require players to buy a ticket before they can play. Tickets are sold electronically online, and usually cost about $1. Tickets can normally be purchased with a credit card and through a secured connection, the sale is usually processed immediately.

Pay-lottery sites usually offer a multitude of games to choose from that range from scratch cards to full weekly draws. One lottery that has been around for many years is Plus Lotto They work with the government of Liechtenstein and with the International Red Cross to provide the national lottery of Liechtenstein over the Internet.

Why would anyone buy a Ticket?
Pay-lotteries have the potential for a “roll-over” when no one wins. This essentially boils down to a potential to give away more money than the standard $1,000,000 free-lottery. Besides that, people seem to have more faith in winning a lottery if they buy the ticket themselves. Weather this is a case of old habits dieing hard or weather it is a deep seated element of the human psyche, who knows; but the fact of the matter is that pay-lotteries are still alive and well.

Why doesn’t every site operate a free lottery?
The answer is actually quite simple, the free lottery site must have sufficient capital from the start to pay a lucky early winner. Besides that, the site must also invest heavily on advertising itself before it gets the volume of traffic required to run an efficient lottery. So don’t expect every site you visit to have a lottery anytime soon.

Can I play at more than one Free-Lottery?
You can play at as many free-lotteries as you can visit in a day. You are only limited by how fast you can surf the web. There are no loyalty schemes or incentives to play at one lottery or another, except of course the $1,000,000 jackpots.

Can I play more than one ticket in a day?
That really depends on the lottery but almost free-lotteries allow you to play more than once a day. All free-lotteries will however limit the amount of tickets a player can buy in a single day. This eliminates people from using programs that automatically play every ticket combination.

Some avid players will have a “circuit” of lotteries that they will play each morning after logging on. They will go from one lottery to another without skipping a beat. Playing a circuit increases your chances of winning because you involve your favorite numbers in more than one draw. Think of it as playing your lucky numbers in the New YouK and the Massachusetts State lottery each week. Since both lotteries have different results your chances of winning with the same lucky numbers are greater.

Is it legal to play in the United States?
With so much confusion about Internet gambling in the United States who knows what law applies to what. But for the most part, free lotteries do not fall under federal “gambling” laws because the player never places a wager or consideration for the prize. To date I don’t know of anyone who has been arrested for playing, but to be safe always check with your local lawmakers as rule vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
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