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The Rules of Gambling

Nine out of ten times when someone tells you a story about something happened at their online casino they’re telling you about how much money they’ve won. Bad news may travel fast, but the losers are not the ones passing it along.

While losers may not get the headline attention that the winners do, they are twice as praiseworthy than the lucky so-and-so that won two thousand dollars betting 00 at roulette. Losing gracefully is much harder than winning well and anyone who wants to gamble better learn how, because you can’t win them all.

Good gamblers recognize that the possibility of losing their bet is part of the great thrill. For a gambler, if winning is guaranteed then there is no point in playing. Rewmember, winning is the attraction, possible loss is the thrill.

Every player must know is that there are ways to lose and ways not to lose. Think of this article as a gambling etiquette guide which will insure good manners both online and off.

The first rule of losing is not losing your cool.
Is easy to get upset, flustered and even angry when the dice don’t role your way. But as any athlete will tell you, this is not the time to lose your composure. When the chips are down, more than any other time at the casino, you need to play with your head. Don’t get caught up in the tidal wave of a losing streak, follow these simple steps and you will be the Fonzie of cyberspace.

1) Don’t start betting the limit the minute things don’t go your way. Gamblers often think that the middle of a losing streak is a turning point where the cards turn their way. It is not. Oftentimes gamblers will mistakenly bet greater and greater amounts in an attempt to win or losses back quickly hoping that the cards will change. If your on a losing streak assume that the streak is with you for at least the short haul, so relax your betting and ride it out.

2) Never rant and rave. Flipping out will only drive you into a deeper state of panic and further cloud your judgment. This tip is especially important at an online casino because beside the fact that you become less rational after flipping out, people will think that you’re nuts if you start yelling obscenities at your computer.

3) Take solace in your good luck charm. Whether charms really do bring luck or whether they are a complete hoax people still take comfort in believing in their powers. Rub your Rabbit’s foot, kiss your pendant and stroke your bald friend’s head. Who knows, they may bring you luck, but even if they don’t they’ll make you feel whole lot better.

The second rule to being a good loser is going back to the fundamentals.
There are fundamental rules of gambling, specific each game and derived from statistical calculations, that give players their best odds against the house. Any good gambling guide will lay out the fundamentals for the most popular casino games in a simple and easy to remember format. When your own methods stop working, follow the professional’s advice.

1) Memorize the “Basic Strategy” for each game you may play at your online casino. The “Basic Strategy” is a method of playing casino games based purely upon the statistical probabilities of individual outcomes. It does not involve “counting cards” or any other back handed and unscrupulous devices looked down upon by the casinos.

2) Practice good money management. Money management is integral part of casino success. When you are betting at a casino you must always be doing two things, limiting your losses and magnifying your wins. There are several strategies for money management. Find one that you are comfortable with and use it as your fall back position when you’re in a tight spot.

The third rule is knowing when to quit.
Sometimes there is simply nothing you can do to end your losing streak. No matter how hard you try, no matter how many different strategies you use and no matter how many tricks you can pull out of your hat there are times that the cards just won’t cooperate. In these situations you’ll just have to walk away.

1) The short break is sometimes enough. Sometimes you just need to step away from your PC to get a sandwich, taken a nap, or make a phone call to change your luck. What is most important to remember about your break, is that you mustn’t think about the casino for good 15 or 20 minutes. Do something to clear your mind and don’t go back and until you’re refreshed.

2) Every now again you need a really long break. Usually after a week or so of bad luck, a gambler will need to take at least that much time off again before he should go back to the tables. Think of it as a vacation away from the casino. Are you more refreshed after a weekend or after a full week’s holiday? The same principle holds true for breaking your losing streak and getting back to your normal level of confidence in the casino.

The fourth rule is being a gracious loser.
They say that being a bad winner is worse than being a bad loser. Maybe so, but at the same time there are far more bad losers then there are bad winners. Leave your frustrations in the casino; don’t take them out on your friends, on your loved ones or on yourself. Online casino gambling is supposed to be fun, a recreation sport of sorts, and unless you are professional gambler there are more important things in your life to worry about.

Remember, it is no one’s faults if you lose; sometimes it just goes that way. The casino has a built-in advantage over the player. That means, that over a long enough period of time, the casino is statistically bound to win. Losing is not a reflection of your lot in life or of your overall success. Be sure to remember that when you have a bad day.
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