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New Light on Blackjack

Poker may be getting all the spotlight these days, but there’s a new game in town that might make hold ‘em lose its grip on the online house of cards.

Over the past five years, poker has gone from being a casual Friday night “old boys” game to nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. It didn’t take long for this new favorite pastime to find its way onto American primetime television. It received unprecedented exposure and suddenly the passionate game of poker gained respect and reverence on an international scale.

According to The New York Times, there are over 50-million poker players living in the United States. This reflects the game’s enormous earning potential and wherever there is a potential for making money, there is also television.

In 2001, a slew of poker sites began popping up on the internet. PokerStars and PartyPoker were among the most popular, attracting real money players from around the world.

In 2002, a cable television show devoted to professional poker players debuted. The immediate success prompted other networks including NBC, FOX and even the ESPN sports channel to develop their own poker programs.

These were all telltale signs of the beginning of poker fever.

The poker craze quickly swept across the United States. It was largely fueled by the televised tournaments that transformed it from a simple household card game to a glittering event complete with stars and commentators. The exposure has skyrocketed the popularity of the game and popularity can always be translated into monetary terms.

The combined profits of all the poker sites on the internet rose from $200 million in 2002 to over $3 billion in 2005. If current trends continue, experts predict a projected profit of $10 billion by 2011.

We’ve said it before in GOM but we’ll say it again: It’s time to cheer on blackjack. Especially a new 5-a-side version of the game on the playing field. So get ready to Get21.

Following poker’s stunning success, a new trend has begun to emerge over the past several months. Blackjack. Tournaments are already a regular occurrence in Vegas, Atlantic City and the Caribbean Islands. The prizes keep getting higher, which attracts more and more participants. Last spring, several television networks noticed blackjack’s mostly untapped potential and so began airing programs dealing with the game. Even the communications giant AOL has recognized the potential and co-hosted a tournament with the Vegas Hilton offering over one million dollars in prizes.

Responding to the success of their competitors and overwhelming American public demand, on September 16th, the CBS network premiered the world’s first weekly-televised Blackjack tournament.

CBS has already announced the filming of a second season of the show, which will consist of a series of tournaments taking place over the next few months. Tens of thousands of blackjack players have already signed up for the preliminary matches, hoping to participate in the tournament.

Powered by cutting-edge, high quality gaming technology, Get21, the first to offer online multiplayer blackjack tournaments, aims to be the industry’s leading consumer brand. And in a well-timed move on their part, GET21 has now launched the world’s first blackjack tournament website.

Kicking off with a revolutionary service that lets you play online blackjack tournaments against your friends for cash, or just for thrills, Get21 ( is bound to keep you counting those chips and cashing out your winnings.

The player with the most chips at the end of the tournament wins in this adrenaline-packed, fast-paced game that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can bet a different amount of chips for each hand and have up to 20 seconds to place your bet. The special “hidden bet” feature, which hides the other players’ bets until you’ve placed yours, adds to the thrilling suspense, while cleverness, tell-savvy and smooth skills will help you walk away the winner.

Join in the excitement of the latest Blackjack rage by visiting the website and downloading the program. If you’re looking for an authentic blackjack experience, you’re clicking in the right direction. At Get21 you can practically feel the plush, velvety blackjack table beneath you. And while the table’s not real, there’s nothing virtual about the cash winnings.

It’s time to give a send-off to calculating house odds and playing against a monotonous computerized system. There’s a new spark of life in blackjack and now it’s you against live opponents.

So start honing your blackjack skills and maybe soon you’ll be raking it in with the new game that’s giving poker a run for its money.

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