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OK, first the hard part. GPRS - General Packet Radio Service - is a new nonvoice mobile telephone service allowing information to be sent and received across mobile phone networks. Approximately three times faster than data transmission speeds over fixed telecommunications networks and ten times faster than Circuit Switched Data services on GSM, (the current mobile network,) GPRS will introduce new Internet-compatible packet

delivery of a wide range of services to mobile phones.

Now is the easy part. Martin Kinne, newly appointed vice-president of mobile devices for Siemens Asia Pacific, has this to say about GPRS with relevance to online gaming:

'Mobile entertainment [of which online gaming is part] involves three segments. First, voice communications. Second, exchange of information at a higher bandwidth where smartphones can be synchronized with, say, Microsoft Outlook for calendar and appointments. Third, pure entertainment: games, music and online gambling.'

How much will it cost? Because GPRS is used only during data transmissions it helps keep cell phone costs to a minimum. And with regard to a permanent connection and

higher bandwidth, immediacy of service becomes a reality: time-critical applications such as remote credit card authorization for casino sites is dealt with instantly, rather than requiring the time consuming GSM procedure.

And one more point, the new GPRS devices are generally WAP, Java and HTML compatible so some online casino already work with the new technology. Dial up your favourite online casino while riding the morning commute means no hunkering

down in front of the big old desktop just to play some blackjack..

Though the real impact of GPRS is still a couple of years away, all the big mobile providers have their own devices ready for early market positioning for mid 2002. So there is no doubt that you could get a real –money mobile gambling device in your hands before Super Bowl Sunday.

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