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If you are a road warrior gambler surfing on anything other than a Sony or Toshiba laptop using XBRITE or TruBrite screen technologies, then you have been officially outdated. Gambling Online Magazine tested the Sony K Series (PGC-K17) and Toshiba’s new Qosmio G15 back to back on a variety of casino software, and can safely say that these screen leave the rest miles behind.

The Sony K17’s 15 inch display is the little gem that started the high-resolution, super-bright revolution in laptops. Colors are incredibly vivid and sharp, making your casino table look like its straight out of a Pixar movie set. If you haven’t been on a laptop with a 15 incher before, get ready to change your life. Once you get your hands on this desktop replacement you’ll instantly forget all about weight, thinness and battery performance, and begin looking for laptops with full-sized keyboards, built-in everything and plenty of extra serial, USB and FireWire ports.

After your pulse settles down from nailing blackjack on Sony’s awesome 15 inch display, move onto Qosmio’s 17 inch wide-screen. You’ll need a Valium before playing, because the Toshiba TruBrite display is even sharper than Sony’s XBRITE. Toshiba’s high-gloss screen provides you with the ultimate in viewing angle and sunglasses worthy brightness thanks to its duel-lamp technology.

Playing poker on the Qosmio is tops, not just because it makes the tables look like a scene from of Hitman or Splinter Cell, but because the screen is wide enough to keep your poker table open and on the desktop next to an application that is actually productive - like Word or Excell, which means you can play poker all day long at work without a guilty conscience (well, almost).


Both displays are so luminous that you will normally keep them at one or two levels below maximum brightness, saving maximum power for computing in the tropical sun (which incidentally we have had the pleasure of doing with both).

When you always have to be All-In

All-In Hold 'Em by Birdsoft is a top rated Texas Hold‘em game available for download to your windows powered palmtop. Take America’s favorite game with you wherever you go after a quick stop at Pocket PC software vendor Handango (

At $13.50 the game is a steal, and it will scratch your itch to practice your poker game on the bus, on the plane, at you mother’s for dinner, or wherever you happen to be. The software isn’t quite as good as what you would find on at an online poker simulator, and your opponents are often sporadic and play somewhat tilted, but the eight man table is perfect for exercising your skills in different seat positions.


The ability to play the game in portrait and in landscape mode makes this poker simulator a GOM favorite, but for serious practice you’ll still need to get online.

You Waited…and Here It Is!

The MDA III, predecessor of - you guessed it - the MDA II, is here; and for just $1,199 it’s yours. The new PDA/Phone uses Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC Phone Edition OS, has 64 MB Flash ROM, 128 MB SDRAM and is powered by the mighty 400 MHz Intel XScale processor.

Gaming on the MDAIII is truly a go-anywhere affair, with connectivity via dial-up, GPRS or WIFI via built-in 802.11b. It’s the WIFI that makes the upgrade from the II to the III worth while. Gambling on GPRS, while convenient, is more expensive than Big Six, WIFI is faster, cheaper, and available almost anywhere you wanna be.

The other most remarkable enhancement in this next-generation MDA device is the QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the bottom of the unit. It’s great for text messaging and email, but it didn’t help us gamble once we got past the username and password page.


If you can sell your MDAII for at least half the price of the III, then do it – and buy the III. If not, continue gambling on the MDAII until your GPRS bill becomes unbearable.

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