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Player Safety

Online Gambling over the last few years has grown at an incredible rate, and the amount of people that are using it can be unbelievable. Online Gambling is can be a very exciting and pleasurable pastime for the vast majority of people, however in some instances gambling can become a problem.

Set out to gamble for fun
Only gamble with money you can afford to lose
Set yourself a limit for what you are prepared to lose on the night
Set yourself an aim for what you plan to win on the night
This is not the only problem for online gamblers, while almost all casinos are run in a relatively fair way. However some of the online casino, poker room and/or sportsbooks can sometimes be dishonest. There are some organisations out there that will try and help you recover your losses but because there is no real regulator then it some times can take a while to get some kind of reply.

As I have said there are some organisations that will be able to help, one of these organisations is eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). This organisation offers casinos to run rigorous tests and constant monitoring to ensure the customers of the online casinos are not cheated out of their money. They have a list of approved casinos which all have passed the tests that they is required of them.

eCOGRA has certain requirements that the online casinos and poker rooms have to comply with before they get a seal of approval. And they all are constantly monitored to ensure they are complying with the requirements. For more information on eCOGRA and a list of the approved casinos.

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