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1) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

Hunter S. Thompson’s visionary novel unfolds in all its depraved glory as a dope-fuelled journalist and his Samoan attorney take to Vegas in search of the American dream. Incredibly, they make some kind of sanity out of the city.

2) Casino:

The quintessential story of money, power, greed and deception as two mobsters face the trials and tribulations of maintaining a gambling empire in Las Vegas. Martin Scorcese’s sprawling epic captures the industry at its most savage.

3) Rounders:

Matt Damon, Edward Norton and a ludicrously-accented John Malkovich star in the movie that turned a generation of degenerates into card players. Gritty, engaging and surprisingly believable.

4) Hard Eight:

The gripping tale of a down-and-out loser whose life gets turned around when he is taken under the wing of a professional hustler. Together, the pair start building a new life for themselves until fate cruelly intervenes. An overlooked classic.

5) Ocean’s Eleven:

Though it may not excel in its subtlety, Steven Soderbergh’s entertaining casino crime caper is nevertheless an enjoyable two hours of heist and hustle. George Clooney leads an all-star cast in the best instalment of the film franchise.

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